Classes take place every day according to the students’ formal school schedules. More than 300 Hogares Club Michin students have benefited from the workshop. When we started 7 years ago, only ages 14 and up could attend, but now younger kids have the opportunity to “try out” machine knitting in a beginners’ program.(two hours once a week) There are 54 beginner students who cycle in and out of the workshop and 52 advanced students who attend for three hours twice a week. FOCO pays the knitting instructor’s salary and all benefits required by Colombian law. We buy the yarn and maintain the machines as well.


Measuring the success of the program is easy. The fact that HCM has had so much interest in machine knitting assures us that we are on the right track. Apart from the important factor of improved self-esteem, EVERY student who learns how to operate a knitting machine leaves HCM with a viable skill and money in a bank account that will open doors to him or her. It is impossible to stress how important this is, in a Colombian economy where unemployment is over 25% for young people from all economic walks of life.

We need your support to keep going. Some day this program will be a cooperative venture and will be self-sustaining. But until then, we need donations! $30 pays for one day’s worth of instruction. $150 pays for a week’s worth. Gracias!!