Good things come in three’s, and our program is no exception!

We had told you that we have the opportunity for the program to sell hats and scarves to an English company, Elephant Branded, but we needed to buy a machine that knits BULKY, as opposed to fine yarns. We have 5 machines that knit fine, and zero bulky.
After our week long fundraiser, we have raised nearly $2000 which will not only pay for a bulky machine, but will also pay for Dora’s salary for one month.
So that was GREAT NEWS #1.
Great news # 2. Pilar, the director of Hogares Club Michin, is trying to get Avianca (the Colombian airlines) to transport the American yarn we will be using for the hats and scarves for free. Unfortunately we have not been able to source good quality woolen yarn in Colombia, so we will be using American and shipping it to Bogota. If Avianca partners with us to get the yarn to the kids, that will cut our expenses as well.
Great news #3. The knitting program will have a new home in a week! Hogares Club Michin bought another house, especially for the three vocational training programs (bakery, knitting and woodworking), so Friends of Colombian Orphans Machine Knitting Cooperative will have a new, BIG, comfortable home! Room for many machines, for a finishing room with a sewing machine and ironing board, and withint the year, we hope, the opportunity for the kids who have aged out of Hogares to come back as adults and knit for a living at the coop. Yes, it’s early days, but LOOK at how far we have come!
All thanks to hard work, cooperation and YOUR DONATION!

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