Sucre’s Dainty Dish

Cindy is a supporter of FOCO and a monthly donor. Some proceeds from sales from her etsy store go to FOCO, in support of our knitting program. Here is her story in her own words: enjoy her story and then please visit her etsy store Sucre’s Dainty Dish


Cindy and DH

From Cindy:

I was born in the port city of New Orleans, Louisiana to parents of French, Italian, Spanish, German ancestry. While I have a mixture of ancestors from all over the world, the one I most relate to is my dad’s grandfather who was born in Bogota, Colombia in the late 1800s. He loved to travel, spoke six languages and traveled all over the world by ship, finally meeting my great grandmother in Mexico and immigrating to the US in the 1930s. I have inherited his wanderlust and his love of language, but also dearly love children and wanted to do something to “Pay if Forward,” now that my three daughters are all adults.

When preparing for my first visit to Bogota several years ago, I researched organizations which helped children and found “Friends of Colombian Orphans” and loved that its mission was not only to help children, but teach them a skill that they could use to improve their future. I decided to start selling china and vintage items that people discarded in the U.S. and use that money to help their mission. Thus my store “Sucre’s Dainty Dish” was born. I love the fact that vintage items are given a second life through my store and feel that it is very representative of the fact that hopefully, the children that the organization helps will be able to have a second, better life than what they possibly could have had thanks to Friends of Colombian orphans. Thank you, Friends of Colombian Orphans, for all that you do!!