Our Mission

Friends of Colombian Orphans Inc. is a grassroots, nonprofit charity dedicated to improving the well-being of young Colombians who are living in poverty. Established in 2007 by U.S. parents who adopted Colombian children, the organization focuses on vocational and entrepreneurial training for teens and young women.

Our mission is to empower young women and men by providing vocational training
in the form of machine knitting. Some teens living at Hogares Club Michin in
Bogota have chosen to learn this skill and are having a good time learning! In
exchange for spending their mornings or afternoons learning how to knit, they receive compensation while learning. Bank accounts have been set up for
them, and earnings banked for when they age out of Hogares.

Friends of Colombian Orphans is committed to helping these young entrepreneurs by supporting Hogares Club Michin in growing a cooperative where knitters can continue to use their new found skills. Friends of Colombian Orphans provides Hogares Club Michin with knitting machines, yarn and a knitting teacher.