The Team


Posted on January 13, 2011 by jane

We like to call our knitters, instructor and program manager a team. The reason is that teams work together for the good of everyone. And even though our final goal is to provide empowerment for individual women and men, the reality of life is that you are the most successful when you foster relationships.  This is particularly hard to do when you are living away from home, with kids you are most likely to lose contact with once you return to your home or are thrust into the outside world on your own.
Mario and Dora provide stability for our team of knitters: they are the coaches in so many ways. Mario has explained the cost of materials and labor, set up a sales opportunity over the holiday break (at Microsoft headquarters in Bogota), and brought in cake to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Dora not only teaches, she is also a model of patience and dignity for the girls to learn from . We know that the knitters are bonding more every day and will be able to maintain these important relationships with each other and with Dora and Mario. Their futures depend on it.