Knitting Instructor

Dora is an accomplished knitter, empathetic and so kind ! She was first a part time employee of Friends of Colombian Orphans, but after a year of tireless and patient instruction, she is now a full time employee of Hogares Club Michin. Friends of Colombian Orphans pays her salary and social security, ensuring that she makes a good enough living so that she can continue to do what she does so well: teach machine knitting to kids.

Dora is at Hogares Club Michin every weekday and holds knitting classes for teens. She is 100% committed to Friends of Colombian Orphans’ mission, which is to provide youth at risk skills that will guarantee them the ability to make good livings. Dora is a couture knitter who does not need patterns to create exquisite garments! She helped us develop a line of baby clothing for the kids to practice their skills: now she and Hogares work with student designers to come up with modern knitwear for all ages that will sell well in Colombia and abroad. Her students are still in school for a large part of the day, attending regular classes. Dora has 10 students right now: 5 in the mornings who are “testing out” machine knitting to see if this is something they might like to do for a living, and 5 in the afternoons, who are committed to becoming professional machine knitters.


“Good afternoon, my name is Dora Emilia Diaz, the instructor for the knitting program here in Colombia. Currently we have 5 girls well advanced in the program. They are focusing on baby lines of clothing. This program in very important for them as a life project. Their hope for the future is to acquire advanced education in knitware design. Another alternative for their future is to become small business owners as part of the knitware production line that is a very important industry in Colombia. As business owners or members of a co-op, they will be contributing to the well being of others in our country.”